Lanoo (Christian Anders): The Book of Light for Children


Dear Children, you are the future! YOU have to continue and you are responsible for what the adults have taught or left you. But is everything right and true, what the adults tell you and what you are learning at school? Much of it, yes, but many things remain unmentioned or many questions remain unanswered. When I was young as you are now, I did not understand a lot of what happens in the world. So I asked the adults: Where am I from? Who am I? What am I doing here? What is my future? Am I really dead, when I die? I often received surprised, even almost angry looks because of such questions. How dare the little one ask such nonsense?! I also asked: What is the sun? The adults and the teacher at school told me, that the sun is a burning ball and has been burning for millions of years. I asked: If so, why has not the sun burned out long ago? Why is the earth still spinning, when it's just a lump of matter in rotation? At school, in physics, we treated (later) the principle of uniformly accelerated motion. This principle says: A body is accelerated evenly, when a constant force acts on it. Otherwise, the body moved by an impulse comes to a standstill again. All right. I asked, WHAT is the first impulse, and then the constant force, that keeps the Earth's rotation and the burning of the Sun in constant activity? Someone in the class shouted: IT'S GOD!! And everybody laughed...

But what about my questions? Read the book or let somebody read it to you!

The book of light for children is actually also the ideal entry point for adults, because this book explains the essence of the teaching easily understandable. Because of this basic knowledge it is easier for adults to understand the ENTIRE teaching of the BOOK OF LIGHT - of all vol-umes. Furthermore, even if children can not read yet, but already understand words, adults could read this book to the child.  



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