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The Man W.H.O. created Aids


-AIDS created by the government.
-The cure for AIDS and cancer exists.
-Why vaccination against any disease is worthless and dangerous.
-Will we all be HIV positive soon?
-How to deal with any disease.
-Testimony of six independent doctors who reversed 300 AIDS patients from HIV positive to HIV negative.


-From November 1978 to October 1979, 1083 New York homosexuals were vaccinated against Hepatitis B, under the supervision of Dr. Wolf Szmuness. Today, most of these gay men are dead. They died of AIDS. Coincidence?

- From March 1980 to October 1981, 1402 homosexuals from San Francisco, L.A., Denver, St. Louis and Chicago were vaccinated against Hepatitis-B. Again, most of them died … of AIDS. Coincidence?

-During the mid-seventies, millions of Africans were vaccinated Against smallpox. Today, most of them have died of AIDS or are HIV-positive. Coincidence?

-Pre-stored 1978 blood does not show HIV antibodies. Coincidence?

-According to the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) & CDC (Centers for Disease Control) statistics, soon every American will be HIV-positive. Mission fulfilled, Mr. Bush (and others)?


LANOO (Christian Anders)

While living in the USA Lanoo was confronted with a new challenge. On his Weekly Century, Continental and United Cable TV shows "Lanoo on the Book of Light" he interviewed Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. and Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. They declared on his show that AIDS is a man-made disease created in laboratories and injected in gays and blacks. Lanoo researched for over three years. All investigations led to one man and to the book "THE MAN WHO CREATED AIDS".


Dr. Jack Felder, African American biochemist, formerly with GS-7, U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, Natick, Mass., from where he left, when he discovered what was really going on there:
"I herewith give to LANOO the title "Medical Doctor", since he has greater understanding about the true cause AND CURE of diseases than most M.D.s I know."

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Divine Message from the True God

The purpose of this book is to awaken the surviving principle in you, or rather that which survives life after life, death after death, into your next reincarnation. That survival principle is truly immortal, meaning that it was never born. Consequently it can never die. It has no beginning and no end. It was always there and will always be there. THAT is the real you. How can you find it? How can you find that eternal principle – that which survives life after life, death after death, reincarnation after reincarnation? How can you find that which survives, which you really are? The answer: Detach yourself more and more from that which does not survive and that you therefore are not. Detach yourself step by step from that which does not survive and you will then reach and become unavoidably The Surviving principle. Each death is nothing but an enforced detachment towards the surviving principle. What is it that survives after death? What is the surviving principle? It is that which remains after you have abolished all perception and sensation. And since this state of being is dreaded by almost all that lives, it shall only be sought and experienced by the wise ones. AUM.


THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. The Constitution of the United

States of America (Article 6, Section 2) guarantees to every American the opportunity to pursue happiness. The Americans have had over 200 years to pursue happiness. Did they find it? I don’t think so. Why did the people of the United States of America not find true happiness? Because they were and are looking for it in the wrong place, outside in the world, where it is not. Where, then, is true happiness? It is deep, deep inside of you, where your true immortal essence dwells. If you do not let go of the outside world and of your attachment to it, you shall never experience true happiness. It’s name is NIRVANA. Every society that does not have NIRVANA as its highest principle is doomed to failure. LANOO (Christian Anders), November 1, 1996.

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The Secret of the Seven Seals

The seven seals are the seven chakras of the human body, ruled by seven signs of the Zodiac constellation. The remaining five signs influence the etheric or prana body. The seven cities, societies, trumpet calls and horsemen named in the bible (Apocalypse) are secret hints at the seven chakras, their corresponding organs and the sensations experienced by the candidate, for instance at Initiation, when Kundalini awakens and flows in the order of numbering. Thus it is the 2nd chakra from below (or the 6th from the top), which opens first and therefore becomes the first seal. Why? Because it is at the 2nd chakra from below where the positive and negative energy-currents start, together with two pranic nervestrings, along the spine to meet again at the point between the eyes. See the esoteric description of the human spine in “THE SERPENT”, p. 30. It is also because the procreative organs are connected with the second chakra from below that Kundalini starts there, since that chakra guarantees the survival of the species. Another reason for the 2nd chakra being the first seal is “the fall of men” about 18.000.000 B.C.but also the placing of the seals on man prior to that. The opening of the seals or chakras and the resulting dramatic sensations in the candidate are described in symbolical form in the last book of the bible “Revelation”, also known as “Apocalypse” and fully revealed in THE BOOK OF LIGHT. Once all seals or chakras are opened and conquered by the candidate through moral purity, study and meditation, the candidate is dwija or “Twice-born” or “Born again” and has achieved immortality in consciousness. He can leave and reenter his physical body at will. Thus death shall there be no more for him who overcame. AUM. He or she shall depart in full awareness from the body through the chakra on top of the head (7th seal), to then continue to live on the astral, mental and spiritual plane, teaching its denizens (deceased humans, angels, nature spirits, etc.) that everything is TRANSIENT and that the purpose of live on ALL planes is NIRVANA, the absence of desire.

The Seven Seals can also be awakened by Sound, for instance the Sound of the 49 letters (plus one) of the Sanskrit alphabet. The sound and beat of Rap, Rock, Punk, Disco etc., etc. exites and awakes extremely and premature the lower seals or chakras, especially in younger people who have not yet conquered them and unleashes all the negative aspects (hate, anger, depression, etc.) in their chakras, leading to the chaotic situation of today (crime, gangs, killing, moral and mental decay, etc.). Before studying the seals and how to awaken them, the Lanoo should become acquainted with the Esoteric nature of the human spine, of whose anatomy orthodox science only knows little. I do, though, not concern myself here too much with what is already known about the human body. That can be looked up in any anatomy book (although even their physical definitions are often wrong). I rather explain the etheric-astral-mental cause BEHIND the physical phenomena. Some about the esoteric anatomy of the human body has already been revealed in this book. Here now some additional information.

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Die Botschaft des wahren Gottes - NIRVANA + Divine Message from the True God

2 books in ONE!


Buy one book, get 2! You get the English original version of the "DIVINE MESSAGE FROM THE TRUE GOD" and the German Translation!

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